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Wall Calendars

Since 1998, Barbara R. Felisky's wine country scenes and still life paintings have appeared on wall and desk calendars.  The calendars typically appear in gift shops and department stores beginning in the early fall.  They may also be ordered directly from the publishers, or the publishers will direct you to retail outlets near you

Tapestries, Throws, Table Runners

A number of Barbara R. Felisky's paintings have been reproduced on woven products, including tapestries, throws, and table runners.  The Touch of Class catalog often lists several of Felisky's tapestries, as do a number of other on-line retailers.  Pure Country Weavers has produced a number of Felisky's images as tapestries, including vineyard scenes.

Placemats, Coasters, Cutting Boards, Trays, Mugs, Cruet Bottles, Clocks

Various manufacturers often license Felisky's paintings for placemats, coasters, cutting boards, trays, coffee mugs, cruet (oil) bottles, clocks, and other home decorative items.  These items are often marketed as one-time-only products in gift shows and may be found in gift shops, retail stores, and on-line sellers.


Jigsaw Puzzles

ELMS Puzzles has licensed a number of Felisky's vineyard, garden, and Italian images for a line of elegant custom wooden jigsaw puzzles ranging from 75 pieces to 1000 pieces..  They currently list 20 of Felisky's images as puzzles. These may be viewed and ordered directly from their web site.  Rainy Lake Puzzles has also produced two of Felisky's images as custom handcut wooden jigsaw puzzles, "The Rose Garden" and "Garden At Giverny".  F.X. Schmid, now owned by Ravensburger, has jproduced a 1500 piece puzzle of Felisky's "Vineyard Bounty" image and a 2000 piece puzzle of "Greek Harbor".  These were available directly from Ravensburger online and from a number of other retailers, but may now be out of print.





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