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Artist's Excursion to China and Tibet
March & April, 2007

Barbara R. Felisky has returned from a glorious trip to China and Tibet, with a stopover in Hong Kong.  She was initially dubious that she would find interesting images that could be translated into paintings in her English-European style, but the beautiful gardens and mountain vistas she saw soon triggered the artist's eye and intiated thoughts of potential paintings.  The Artist took hundreds of photographs and has been sifting through these.  Thoroughly enthused, she tried her hand at garden and village scenes in her own style but with an Oriental flavor.  Look at the "New Releases" page for two of these new images.  A selection of possible other images, along with a few other interesting scenes from the trip, are shown below.


1.  Shuzou garden moon gate.   This image has been turned into a painting.



2.  Garden near Shanghai


3.  Garden near Shanghai.


4.  Pagoda in garden near Shanghai.


5.  Garden near Shanghai (in the rain!).


6.  Garden near Shanghai (in the rain!).


7.  Fisherman in the mist near Beijing.


8.  Bridge reflections near Beijing.


9.  Garden bridge near Beijing.


10.  Garden pavilions near Beijing.


11.  Garden pavilions near Beijing.


12.  Abandoned villiage near Xi'an.


13.  Farms on the mountain slopes on the Yangtze River.


14.  Yangtze River gorge.


15.  Terraced farm plots on the Yangtze River.


16.  Soon to be inundated farm on the Yangtze River.


17.  Village in Tibet.


18.  The Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet.


19.  Nightly laser light show on the Hong Kong skyline.





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